Wednesday, March 12, 2008


today is a rather sad day...this is the day i finally pronounce my earphones dead. they have been serving me for quite some time so i feel that they deserve to have a post all to themselves.

i found out that they were seriously ill when i first saw that the wires are exposed a little. then they started breaking but it didnt affect the sound so some reason so i took no notice. then all the wires broke till there are only a few left holding the earphones together. but then soon the sound in the left ear started going crinkly (u know what i mean. the static?) and then sometimes even cut off altogether. and i realised that the earphones illness has reached a point where there is no return. it will never be fixed again.feeling really fed up that i cant listen to music in peace, i just moved on to my old earphones which didnt work very well. i destroyed them when i blasted them into my ears at full volume cos i was angry at that time. it hasnt worked right ever since but i thought it would be better than earphones which cut off randomly. but their sound quality is absolute rubbish. sounds like someone is recording that song from after and playing it out.

this, is the problematic earphone.and this is their final resting place:the ultimate burial in the big shiny dustbin will be taking place on the 12th of march at 6pm NI time, 2am s'pore time. all visits and donations will be greatly appreciated. proceeds from the donations will be contributing to getting new and better earphones to accompany me on long bus trips or car trips and to give me a better music listening experience. thankyou.