Saturday, February 23, 2008


today, is singlish day! yay! so is everyone ok or not? went to riverhouse today. not bad la. quite fun. except very tired cos sleep quite late last night. and guess what?

yesterday i donated blood. ya ya i know i told u yesterday already. but here are more photos. remember when i tell u got no bruise? took the plaster away today and then found this rather painful looking bruise where the blood bleed under the skin because i never press properly. haiz.. see? and then also forgot to tell u that they give me a badge also. i know this is a crappy picture but it made the badge stand out and that's all that matters.and now here are pictures of the flower when it c;lean broke off. -_- i wanted it to last longer. now it wouldnt bloom till like december. -_- the whole plant itself now looks like that:
and the flower by itself now look like that. *heart pain* it broke off cos i itchy hand yesterday morning go and fiddle with it before i go to school and then it bend over until the stem cannot tahan anymore and *snap* breaks off. T-T haiz...

and this is the video jordan accidentally took of me when he was playing with the camera before we went for the chinese new year dinner.

that's all for today! i'm sorry for being so sterile and systematic in my posts now a days. i've just lost all my creative juices. :( help meeeeeeeeeeeeee!