Monday, February 18, 2008

blooming.. :D

my hyancinths have flowered! :D i planted them at about christmas time and not they have finally flowered! :D they smell really good. except they are a little too overpowering so that's y my room door is basically open most of the time now. yepz yepz. below are the photos of the flowers :D

that below is the photo of missy the cat. she was just sitting in my room following my feet running about tidying up my room. haha hmm..i guess there is nothing more to say..i'm going to this chinese new year dinner thing tomorrow night and we are having the bucket (菜盆). will be having to dress up and all. -_- but will take photos.

also, will be donating my blood this thursday. which is the 21st of febuarary. might pick up the leaflet for bone marrow donation. i might actualyl want to consider it.

that's it for today then. byeeeeee