Tuesday, October 02, 2007

one of those days

oh poo....it's one of those days again...

u know when it starts amazing then just gets better and better and then crashes. shd have learnt like a long time ago that when things get better, they can only crash. but then again, sometimes i just get sooo high, i forget. and when it does crash down, it feels so much worse. oh well...

i really wanted to show u guys all the photos. but then jordan wouldnt let me use the labtop where all my beloved photos are. photos! dont worry! i'll come get u someday!!!

lol ;p

anway, watched battle royale with jordan and christine today. was kinda shaken up by it. and i think jordan guessed and he went "shuhao! dont cry!" and came over to hug me. i know this sounds disgusting but i had a little flashback of me and lance when we were in macritchie and still happy. and he was hugging me. just kinda saddened a little after that.

then came the whole please-jordan-can-i-have-ur-labtop thing again. and eventually with loads of persuading on auntie carol's part he turned it on. and i showed christine all the photos i took when i'm here. and then after she went, he took it awayyyy!! *wails* oh well..so now i'm here away from my photos using the other photo-less com. oh well...and i didnt even use that one..

dum de dum...

ok i think i'm going to stop now...just a little too sad. but i'll be fine.

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