Sunday, May 11, 2008

newcomer to the blog

well well well. today is saturday already. and my exam is in about two days :( been studying sooooo much. and it is actually creepy how much work i have done in the past few days. i have finished making notes for two modules (17 chapters) of computing in 4 days. phew.

anyway, i'm going to introduce u to a newcomer, and promise not to laugh at her just because she looks different cos she is not feeling well today. let me introduce u to..myra [my-rah] the pyramid. as u can see she's not in very good shape. she's studied so much today that her brain feels like it's bursting out of her head. too much revision i guess. she normally looks alot better than this. oh well.

she's the product of my creative juices and pencil, colour pencils and pen. haha.

so if all goes well (meaning if i can be hardworking enough to draw and take pictures) then u would see alot more of myra in the near future. what with study leave and the summer holidays being so near that u can almost touch it.

i know i'm supposed to study on study leave but then i have been studying loads. and after each day my brain has not exactly fully recovered from the aftermath of chaos that studying has ravaged. it feels so light, yet so swollen. not only my brain. my body has trouble recovering from the aftermath of study too. after that much writing (i'm talking about 5 hours straight and then teeny breaks) the big big muscle on my right hand is starting to hurt everytime i rest my weight on it. and then my biceps are hurting too.

i'm sorry for complaining on this blog..u people deserve much more cheerier posts than this. lol

but then again once computing (i think i'm getting quite interested in it) is over, (on the 16th of may) then we can move on to much better and happier things! like chaucerian old english the Miller's Tale where sanctity of marriage and the morals of the church are poked fun at. and Spies by Frayn, where we see the process of the initiation into adulthood a few years too early with pain and betrayal through the eyes of a ten year old boy. and All My Sons but Arthur Miller, where we quite helplessly watch the facade of a 'perfect' American family being slowly peeled away to reveal a family who have no sense of responsibility for the wider world. drama and suspense takes place in there to a shattering climax, where the guilty father eventually killed himself, unable to face the ugly truth.


OR we can talk about mechanics, vectors, moments, impulse, particle on a horizontal plane, etc etc. is that cheerful? haha

just joking. i'm not really going to post my notes here. u people have enough school work to worry about >.< (i'm actually going to just surf the net and blog hop, my life is not THAT sad. lol)

as my English teacher would have said..

"Is it break time yet?"
-David Park (writer and teacher who wants to be retired)