Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i hate blogskins. :(

for yesterday and today i have been screening and swimming about, sifting past piles and piles of mediocre work and finally choosing this really perfect blogskin. and THEN when i finally got CLOSE to getting it, i had to go to bed.

so i went to bed.

and then i woke up, went to school, etc etc. and came home. got onto the com at about half past 7. and guess what? blogger wouldnt accept any of the code from! :( it's now half past 9 and i've resorted to sitting here complaining to all who will listen.

this is not fun! those skins were really good. they said something about the code not being fully formed and such. so those who are more techno savvy. help meeeeeeeeeee!

i'm at my wits end. and i am too annoyed to even LOOK at them. HMPH! thos who are willing to help tell me and then i'll give u a temporary password or something. i dunno. or just hand me a solution.

it's such a shame the code wouldnt get on, cos today was a brilliant day.