Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Poop Scooping

Since I came here, I've always been the one to poop scoop whenever I go walking the dog with Jordan. I absolutely hate it. Not because of the smell, possibly not even because of the degrading feeling you get whenever you find that you have to pick up someone else's remains after them. It's because to me, it symbolizes the simple and age-old fact that women are always looked at to pick at and clean up someone else's mess.

Whenever males get into the shit, us wonderful females will be left behind to clean up the dreadful mess. So why exactly is it that males who are supposedly 'better' and 'stronger', not do ALL of the housework? Why leave the 'ladies' jobs such as cooking and cleaning and washing to the women? If you're that strong, do it yourself, I say. But unfortunately, leaving females at home to do the cleaning and cooking has become a habit. Even a few 'modern' males expect the female to do all of the housework at home, and in modern day shows, a stereotypically 'perfect' family would consist of:

1) a hardworking, money-earning family man
2) a hardworking, cooking, cleaning, baby-carer and producer (aka, dutiful wife)
3) two children or more. more often than not, children will have both boys and girls

Is this bad or is this bad?

Readers: *chorus* BAAAAADDDD!!!!

Here is the visual evidence (key "perfect family" into Google Images):I think we better plasticize ourselves and just turn into little dolls.I suppose females are more likely to look after and nurture those around us because we are born to do so. We are born to care more about the people around us, and to have closer relationships with other people. Want some real life evidence? Look at those little children around you. First, look at the girls.

Little girls are most likely to form more tight-knit groups, with relatively few people. They also tend to talk more about their problems, and from this, grow much much more emotionally knowledgeable than the boys. More often than not, you see girls crying. Not because they are weak, but because they have more sensitive souls. I am speaking generally here. Nature of each and every female will depend on her genetic make up as well as her upbringing.

Little boys, on the other hand are most likely to form larger groups. Relationships will be mostly competitive and they do not tend to bind that closely emotionally with each other. This could most often result in poor knowledge of the control of emotional feelings. Male suicide rates in teenage years here in the UK are higher than that of the females. That's because they do not want to look 'weak' in front of their friends by having problems and they keep all of the emotional turmoil in them. Resulting in a rather traumatizing climax and emotional meltdown (suicide).

God is fair, (I feel anyway). He gave males the brawn, but he gives the females more emotional tact and loving capacity. Yay!

P.S. : I'm not taking a dig at anyone. Just getting it out of my system. ^_^

"To be successful, a woman has to be much better at her job than a man."- Golda Meir (born Golda Mabovitch, known as Golda Myerson. 4th prime minister and founder of the State of Israel)