Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Very Lengthy Post

One of the readers commented on my blog(to my face) about the previous post that "It's all crap". As if I'm trying to be smart or something. Oh well. Partly 'cos the reader only read about halfway through and partly because I was sounding like I was taking a dig at the male species. And at the end I did specify that I wasn't taking a dig at anyone.

On to happier things. First things first, exams are going quite well and I think all of you will be pleased to know that two of my last exams both take place on the 2nd of June aka next Monday. Which also means, that after the 2nd of June, I'm FREE!! (WHOOPEEEE)

Filled in a job application form for Tescos this morning, hope I can get the job so that I can earn and save enough money to go to Glasgow with Sarah, Claire, Judith, Louise, Lauren and Lynn. Should be good fun :D

And, on Thursday, half of the Health and Social Care people came in for the last revision day.

Here are the photos Claire and me took while we're in Health and Social Care class without the teacher,Ryan came in too, and because common room was locked due to a window breaking incident last Wednesday, me and Ryan went to the trees near Subway for the rest of the school day. The Subway I had that day was the best so far. It was roast chicken, pepper cheese, toasted, with pickles, chillies, and lettuce, topped with barbecue sauce (MMM..!) Stayed there from about 12+ to 3.20pm. Was really good fun. Took a few videos of Ryan fooling about. (HAHA!) They're so funny. Ryan was whining whenever I took the videos. He says "Now everyone who reads your blog is going to think I sound like that all the time!!" So to solve this problem, I took an introductory video. Haha. We're so professional (not). Took lots of photos of the surroundings as well. But here are the videos first.

The introductory video, ignore what he says about the uniform (the file he's lying on is MINE!):

The dock leaf video:

The daisy video:

And here's my favorite, the ladybird video. He found a ladybird crawling in the grass where we were sitting (we let it go after the filming of this video):

So here are the pictures, of the surroundings,And of Ryan, (there are so many pics of him cos I was the one with the camera >.<)I made a daisy chain too! I'm so proud of it! I gave it to Ryan 'cos I don't exactly see a use for it considering I've already got one daisy chain (which he gave to me) laminated sitting on my desk. He threw it away and made a wish. ^_^ pictures of the daisy chain.And of Ryan and me,The ladybird on my hand,
Pictures of meee! (I think I took all those photos on my own)And now on to yesterday. I took my Grade 6 piano exam yesterday. Bottom line is I passed, which is sorta good. But going in on my own and feeling so unprepared totally threw me off. I sat and cried before I went in, and was sitting there sniffing even when I was playing my pieces. I thought I did really badly 'cos I know I can play better than that. And playing those pieces in the exam room has got to be the worst I've ever played them. Stalled a few times in the pieces and especially in Sight Reading but do you know what? I passed and that's the bottom line. 70/100. Hmm..not too bad. When i walked out of the exam room, I burst into fresh floods of tears. I knew I could have done better and I knew that this time round was the most unprepared I've ever walked in for a piano exam. All of the exams I've walked in before, I knew the score off by heart and I could play the pieces again and again perfect without a single mistake.

Went into Nanny's still crying as if my world was over. (-.-) And I was being fussed over and everything. Among the fussing was lines of advice where I have to learn to lighten up on myself. I know I have to, but I'm trying already. So, hopefully, Grade 8 exam next March then. So that whenever I go to university, all being well, and if I keep my Computing, I'll have 5 A levels instead of most of the others who have 4 or 3 A levels. After Nanny's, I went back home to shower (it was really hot yesterday) and then rush out to catch a bus to go to Ryan's house. It was really fun. We watched TV and everything, and just relaxed about. I would have brought my camera but I forgot. Oh! And Jordan drove all the way from Newcastle (where I live) to Rafferey (where Ryan lives). It's good fun having Jordan drive me and Auntie Carol about the place. He's taking his driving test soon and Auntie Carol says this would be good experience for him.

I'll be learning to drive next year. (AHHH!!) A little bit scared. But I have to know how to drive to gain that little bit of independence.

So that I wouldn't have to wait at a rainy bus stop whenever I finally go back to stay in Singapore. ^_^

"I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained."-Walter Elias Disney (multiple Academy Award-winning American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Co-founder of Walt Disney Production, creator of Mickey Mouse)