Sunday, June 08, 2008

Various Things

Guess what everyone?! I got my swimsuit on Thursday! This is so exciting. I am now all ready to start learning to swim :) I'm going to start next Friday. That is, the 13th (yes yes, I know it's Friday the 13th but still).

I can tell you going into a shop that sells just women's lingerie and swimsuits was REAL intimidating. BUT! That shop lady was nice. And even though I can't see anything that would actually fit over my great bum, she gave me lots and lots of tankinis (something like sleeveless top with pants) and one pieces. So, I went in and tried on every single one, eying myself up and down critically after every piece I try on. That was no easy feat, considering a few of the one pieces WERE too small for me *embarrassed*. And the tankinis weren't going too well either, but on the second round, the heavens opened up and light came shining down. For I have found The Suit. The only one which I think I could actually wear and then walk about with. It helps that it's a more fashionable tankini and that it's in a yellow color with nice detail on it. 'Cos there was another less appealing one which was an all black one piece. So I took both out, present my two chosen choices and made Auntie Carol choose for me (I have to learn how to make choices for myself). I was hoping she'll choose the yellow tankini, 'cos whenever I presented my choices, it hit me that I have seen grannies walking about the beach in those in good weather.

So all in all, after lots and lots of shimmying into things too small, hoping that they wouldn't burst on me, 12 (TWELVE!) different swimsuits, and a real tough (not) decision later, I walked out of the shop, the proud owner of a new yellow swimsuit. I did take a photo (of just the swimsuit) but decided not to put it up.

AND! Guess what? Ryan's an uncle! Yes! Oliver Charles James Hughes was born at 8.49pm in a hospital in Dublin on the 5th June 2008, weighing at 8 pounds 1 ounces. He's a big baby. Ryan went over to visit his new nephew and his sister in Dublin yesterday and sent me a few picture messages of him. Oliver's so cute! ^_^ Shall post photos up once i get permission from Ryan and his sister.

So..I think that's all for today. Made quite a few cards lately. But because not all of them are sent to the recipients yet, I'll have to wait for quite a while before posting up photos of the cards as well as giving a few tips as to how to make them. One of the tips is to go to a card website. I go to for some inspiration whenever I run out of ideas. You don't have to buy them. Just go there and choose what you would like to draw or insert in the card you're making. There are a few Father's Day ones now that Father's Day is coming up. So surprise your dad with a hand-made yet witty card on Father's Day!

"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes."-Oscar Wilde (Irish playwright, novelist, poet, and author of short stories)