Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Pleasures Of Being A Student

Myra is happy 'cos her exams are (coincidentally) over too.

YES!! Finally, I'm free. Free to do what I want, free from studying. All of the students out there reading this can only imagine how I'm feeling now. From today to the 1st of September, I am free to do (within reason) all that I want!

Yesterday was the day of my last paper for my ASs (halfway between 'O' Level and 'A' Level). First exam of the day was C2 Maths. Wasn't too bad. I knew how to do all of the questions and I even had time to do all of them out again. So I can be expecting really good results from that. Then I had about two hours to wait for my next exam which was Health and Social Care.

Was running about trying to look for teachers to return the books to, and I managed to do that for all except for my Maths textbooks 'cos my teacher wasn't even in. -.- By then, I was so annoyed and flustered ('cos it was a really warm day) I just went to the Staff Room to look for all of my teachers at once. That worked really well I must say. And I have to give Ryan credit for that, 'cos it was his idea.

Then finally, I went down to the trees for my much needed break. Sat there for a few minutes and read through my Health and Social Care notes in the sun. (Note to self: Studying in the sun with friends is so fun it shouldn't be called studying)

People eventually felt hungry and so me, Ryan and Claire headed down to Subway for our lunch. Some other people just went to the bakery and sat in "cos it's cold!" :p

Yepz, so lunch was pretty good. I got my Subway with teriyaki chicken, peppered cheese and pepperoni, with pickles, olives and lettuce, topped with barbecue sauce. It wasn't too bad, just the chicken tasted a wee bit off. And that didn't exactly help my gassy stomach. Oh well.

Then after eating our lunch, Claire and Parky headed off to the Down Center to look around. And me and Ryan just sat there under the tree. Then this rough looking guy (tattoos and all) came shouting on the phone and his dog (a Boxer) was running behind him, nose on the ground. The Boxer was sniffing around us and then it spotted something Great And Interesting to it's doggy nose-Parky's lunch. It was Parky's sandwich wrapped up in aluminum foil just sitting on his file. We just ignored the dog until the dog started to nudge the package. Then I stood up over the dog just waiting for it to jump on me. But the dog cowered down, looked up at me and ran away. Looking back, I wouldn't be surprised if his owner stood over him and beat him. 'Cos the dog was actually scared of me. Poor thing.

For those who don't know what Boxers look like, here's a picture (the dog actually looked exactly like that):Now you know why I was waiting for it to pounce at my throat in a fit of mad rage. So, not long after Boxer ran away, Parky and Claire walked back and me and Ryan decided not to let Parky know that his lunch was nudged by a dog. But apparently, Parky saw it all, and after seeing that the aluminum foil was actually untouched, he ate his lunch. It was funny though :P

Took pictures (the other couple in the picture is Claire and Parky):Then we went over to the small hill where there is more sun. took pictures again, just sat about in the sun trying not to sleep (for me anyway).

Took even more pictures:And then went off for the exam. It wasn't too bad, but the time passed really fast which is a good thing I guess. But then it was a most painful process 'cos my hand was cramping up and it was so painful to write. Our invigilator was Parky's dad. And he was telling us the time again and again and telling us to at least roughly answer all the questions. I think Parky had a part in it. So I asked him, and he did tell his dad that the Health and Social Care exam has a really tight timing. That explains the unusual helpfulness from the invigilator. Still, it was nice to have a friendly invigilator.

That was just about my day. After I came home I basically had dinner, and then slept for four hours because I slept badly the night before.

I'm just so happy to be free. Now all I have to do is wait for the fruits of my labor.

"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet."-Aristotle(lived from 384BC-322BC, a Greek philosopher, student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great, wrote on many subjects including physics, metaphysics, poetry, theater, music, logic, rhetoric, politics, government, ethnics, biology and zoology)

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