Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dragon Boating (on Sunday)

On Sunday, I was awakened at 8.30am to go to a dragon boating race in Belfast with Uncle Paul and Jordan. Wasn't too bad. Just really tired and a wee bit cranky with the early morning. Jordan was considerably more cranky than I was. But he eventually loosened up.

SO! While we were driving, Jordan sat at the back 'cos he wanted to sleep. And This was what he had sitting beside him on the drive.Yes. It's Crazy Frog back in town! Uncle Paul won it at the claw machines. You know the ones where you put in like say..a dollar/pound and then move the claw to pick it up? Ya. We've now got three Crazy Frogs at home including the big one. At least this big one is silent, unlike the other two little ones. For the two little ones you press their tummy and they'll play a few second clip from different Crazy Frog songs. Those which you get tired of and annoyed at after about 10 presses of the tummy.

Got a wee bit bored while waiting in the car. And took this picture.Then we reached there and took these while doing a little more waiting..Finally went in after having a sticker to prove that I'm a spectator. (the sticker is that little red thing on the top right hand side of my shirt)This was what greeted my eyes.People, your eyes are not deceiving you. It is truly guys wearing shell and coconut bras. Of course, there are girls who are wearing shell and coconut bras too but there is nothing like a little cross dressing early in the morning to make you laugh and make your day. Here is a closer look at them.Then comes the lion dance troops and even more people. Pictures, the close ups of the lions are really pixelly 'cos I had zoomed in on them, and then zoomed in even more on the camera and trimmed it.Took a video of the lions as well :)

Then after that, me and a few other people went to the bridge to wait for Uncle Paul and Jordan to come up in the boat. The place was really nice, nice scenery and such. And we saw a person sunbathing on her balcony with her foot sticking out. Gave us quite a shock. We thought she might be dead until we saw the arms moving :P

Here are the pictures of the surroundingsPicture of The FootThen finally the dragon boats made an appearance. I don't know about you, but to my eyes, the dragon boats look a bit sparse. How come the dragon heads so small?Video of the opposition team overtaking Uncle Paul and Jordan's boat. "Noooo!"
Their opposition team was called 'Chinese Women's Group' but there were only two women on the boat. The rest were men. Go figure.

Then went to the railway station, (I didn't know there was a railway station in Belfast) and because I didn't want to take a photo of the whole outside of the railway station (or I'll look like a tourist), I took a photo of the inside of the toilet instead:See? So clean. ^_^ (the green bag is the Uncle Paul's shoes)

Then waited for a moment, and went to Castlecourt. Went there to meet up with a few other people from the youth group. And then took a picture while waiting.And then, we got Candy!! :DAnd into a restaurant we go. They still use the glass Coke bottles. Teehee. Glass Coke bottles are quite inconvenient 'cos you have to drink it all at one go but still, they look nice.More pictures of the restaurant.Then this came:That was dessert and bearing in mind that most of the people there are Asian, I can't actually understand why their tastes are so Westernized. And none of the younger people ate it. Only about four people ate it (including me).

After our lunch (or tea), headed home, and this time I sat in the back seat. Guess who was my companion?Yepz yepz. You're just right.

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