Sunday, May 18, 2008

racial discrimination

myra went to cuboid land by accident yesterday and she experienced racial discrimination for the first time in her short little pyramid life. all the cuboids either looked away from her haughtily or look right AT her haughtily as if she doesnt have the right to be there. and most of the little cuboids stared at her and would have pointed if they had arms. she felt so alone. poor myra. there she is..:went out with ryan yesterday after the last of my computing exam to celebrate the lack of computing for the next few months. lol. it was good fun, we went to rock city diner and watched phantom of the opera(the new movie version) it was the first time i watched the movie all at one go. and it was amazing. andrew lloyd webber is a genius in music.

so anyways, after i took the bus to newcastle in the evening, i was walking home from the bus station and three chavs (people who are unbelievably racist and lvoe to pick fights) were walking towards me and talking and staring. and i was like "they cant be staring at me" and looked behind and when i looked back, the one in the middle had a mocking smile on his face and sounded like he was saying "dont worry we're not staring at u" (i had my music plugged in so i wouldnt be able to hear anything) i know it's a stupid wee incident. but i have countless other incidents where people stare at me unabashedly (so RUDE!) or they just sorta, look haughtily as if to say "u dont belong here"

there is this other incident. i was in a full class during one of my free periods doing computing. and i was surrounded by little kids. and one of them was like shouting to another kid right over me. "pull out a wire from the girl's computer!" (i was using a computer at that time. so were they) and he did that loads of times. and as far as i can see, i was the only girl there. i got madder and madder cos it's as if he expects me to not understand what he was saying (that little *beep*) and eventually, i said really loudly "pull what wire! what wire!" and the guy who he was shouting at to pull out a wire from my computer quite sheepishly said "that one" and pointed to one of the main wires of my computer. the little *beep* just went all haughty on me. oh well.

ryan made me a daisy chain on wednesday :D here it is, all pressed up for me :Pto end on a cheerier note, here are the pics me and ryan and natalie (another girl from my computing class) took on monday (i think) after my 1st computing exam.and here are the pics of just ryan and me :P in common room on the art room during health and social care revision on wednesday. (the day he made me a daisy chain!) ^_^"To live anywhere in the world today and be against equality because of race or color is like living in Alaska and being against snow."
-William Faulkner(American author, regarded as one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century, was awarded the 1949 Nobel Prize in Literature)