Sunday, May 04, 2008

pics pics

dont really have much to talk about. so i'll just post random pics from the past few days. even weeks! [eek] this should be good.. lol

just random items.pancake(i cut the face in!)roses (i made them!)seats on the bus
the yellow submarine. (listen to the song by The Beatles)
my english teacher (ok, she's not an item lol. i took it secretly ><)

and any of u curious about ryan's b-day present? here it is!! tadaaa (that is halfway done. and so the full present is full of stars ^_^)then face warps..and then, pics of meee..( i am NOT a camwhore)
on mock interview night..
me on normal days..
and then pics of ryan. :P haha!(he's not gonna trust me with the camera after this..)HAHAHAHAHAHA!! (i drew it in)he pinky promised me something :P (forgot what it was)

next. pics of me and ryan.

in a random rock city diner..
in private english class..
well that's about it lol. that was sooo funny. and i shall end this post with my fav pic of all. THIS!!! ^ *points above* that's all for this sunday. byebyeeeeee