Sunday, May 04, 2008


took this quiz from jinjun cos i dont know what to write about -.- so here goes.

1. Does it matter to you if your bf or gf smokes?
yea i dont really like smoking. it stinks!
2. How about drinking?
drinking is ok..just dont get drunk.
3. Do you want someone you cant have?
not really. what is the point?
4. If someone liked you right now,would you want them to tell you?
nopez nopez
5. Whats your fave sport?
tennis!!! (lol!)
6. It's Sat night,u're home alone.. what do you do?
get onto msn. tonight is saturday night and i'm here on my blog. but also chatting :D
7. Can you do the splits?
nopez nopez. i'm about 5 inches off the ground though. still trying to get to do it
8. Do you like roller coasters?
never been on one.. *embarrassed*
9. When's the perfect time to have a bf/gf?
anytime u are not TOO stressed lol
10. If you could date any celebrity,who would it be?
i dont want them lol. cos they are not 'ping fan ren' [ordinary people]
11. Whats ur favourite band?
the band i used to play in CCHY, and a few other rocky ones
12. what are you doing this weekend?
nothing much, homework, finishing coursework, practice papers, and a trip to nanny's
13. whats your fave restaurant?
it's got to be those which have ala carte buffet and steamboat like sizzler, sakura. and sakae sushi is also nice. so is crystal jade ^_^
14. Do you usually fall for the right or wrong girl/boy?
normally the right person will be the person u eventually marry and stay with for the rest of ur life. that's what i think anyway. lol so u will fall for the right guy eventually
15. Which do you prefer,beach or the mountains?
hmm..i love the scenery from the mountains but it's so hard to get up..and so scary. and i like the beach too. so the beach :D
16. What kind of phone do you have?
sony ericsson T250i
17. Computer or laptop?
18. How old are you gonna be on your next birthday?
18 on the 1st of august
19. What should you be doing right now?
studying..doing my computing coursework
20. Are u attracted to girl/boy that smoke?
not at all nopez nopez
21. What do you do when you're at home?
get onto msn. have a nice relaxing time
22. Whats your favorite subject?
english. cos of mrs thorpe and mr parks! and the person who sits next to me during lessons
23. what's the best thing that happened to you?
coming over to NI

so that's all for now :D nothing to type about already! lalala byeeeeee