Saturday, May 17, 2008

post for yesterday (and today!)

was studying for my computing exam yesterday. was doing past papers and everything. and i must admit i was rather successful. :D cos i did two papers. lol.

myra was studying for computing yesterday too. but she gets distracted easily and ended up having ice cream instead. that little glutton :P.computing paper wasnt too bad today. the doing of past papers really helped to relax me and make me more confident. it was loads harder than the papers i did. and there was a beast of a pseudocode question right at the end. the question went on for ever and ever. and it was worth about 20 marks. that's about a third of the paper. (full marks is 65)

oh well better stop thinking about it. have to concentrate for the next papers on next wednesday which is mechanics and english.

uncle paul bought a new fish. it's an airawana (hope i got that right) lol. and here are the pics!and a few nights ago. i found out something really cool! (for me anyway) lol. and here is the pic!see anything interesting?

look again!

ok i'll tell u. they are the same colour! orange! :D lol

i know it's quite stupid but i still think it's pretty cool to have colour co-ordinated toiletries :P