Sunday, November 02, 2008


I decided to do some housework on Wednesday before Ryan arrives and found out that:

trying to change bedsheets+hoovering the floor+two cats on the bed=two annoyed cats.

Yepz. But in spite of me lifting them off my bed so I could have fur-free bedsheets, they still lounge on my bed any chance they have. Look at the stubborn-ness here:This is Missy on the lower end of the bed. After I tried moving the bedsheets around, she still wouldn't budge. So,I covered her with the duvet. And she still didn't budge. She is one stubborn kitty. She moved when I took the duvet off her though.

Sonny, on the other hand, is more easily spooked so he ran off the moment he noticed me towering over him. He always lounges in the same spot on my bed. There:I changed my bedsheets on Wednesday, it's Saturday today and there is already cat hair covering it. Got to hoover my bedsheets or I'll be up sneezing all night.

It was Halloween yesterday and it was so much fun! Helped Auntie Carol cook up this big big dinner for Nanny and the aunts coming in. We had pumpkin soup, apple crumble, roast chicken, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, and steamed veggies. All home made. There was some money in the apple crumble and I got 10p! Not a lot but still, it was fun. And yes! We carved a pumpkin! Look! I drew his face. ^___^ Ladies and gentlemen, meet Percy Pumpkin.This is the first ever Halloween I ever celebrated. Teehee. It was pretty fun.

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