Monday, October 27, 2008

Prize Day

Haven't been here in a while. Prize day was pretty good, apart from Mr Logan's (head teacher) speech. His speech just dragged on and on and on. Then again, it is an annual report.

I got a prize for getting second in Mathematics for the whole level. It was really just a book voucher for £6. Watching people go up to get the prize was good too.

Yesterday was me and Ryan's anniversary! It was one of the best days we had out, ever. First we hanged around Downpatrick where we got our lunches. I had a foot long sub with meatball marinara, which is The Best meat you can get. I only got a foot long sub 'cos it's on offer with £4 for a foot long sub with anything you want in it. If there is meatball marinara in Subways in Singapore, go get them soon! It's the best. But if you're afraid of mess, bring it home first.

Then we went to Ryan's place where we watched Nightmare Before Christmas,and Walk the Line.Those are really good movies and I strongly urge you to watch them. Walk the Line is about Johnny Cash's life story, which is pretty good. Viewer discretion will be advised for it cos there's lots of drink and drugs in it which kind of disturbed me. Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the best films ever, Tim Burton is my favorite producer.

Then we made a MASSIVE omelette with lots of bacon, mushrooms and cheese, followed up with fizzy drink and chocolate cheesecake which I brought from home for Ryan to try. He's heard so much about the chocolate cheesecake Auntie Carol makes but has never had a taste. The first spoonful had him hooked. :)

Great day yesterday! Here's to an even better week! It's the holidays and Ryan's coming over on Wednesday!

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