Saturday, October 11, 2008

Photos Are Here!

Finally, the photos are here. There are a few hundred photos and I don't expect anyone to look through all of them so here are just a few better ones. Not good, just better. :) Starting to plan Ryan's anniversary present which is good, and so far, it's coming along nicely. Teehee.

Photos! I took most of them. They are taken one day when Ryan was here, we went to the beach then to the forest. He took those photos of me.I sooo want a Pandora bracelet! The charms are so cute and really really cool. Go there to check it out. It is really really expensive though. Just the plain silver chain will cost £55, and each charm is roughly £19 now. Well it really depends. If there is 14k gold in it, obviously it costs more. Some of the charms costs a few hundred on their own! I never thought I'd be that into jewelry, but now I am! It's so expensive. Well, just save more money.

Bought exercise bottoms yesterday which is good, so I can strike it off my growing list of things to buy. Also bought an umbrella because I'm getting sick and tired of walking in the rain. Rain really depresses everything. And it's raining everyday. Like seriously.

Got to call in at work tomorrow to make sure that I'm having a shift this weekend so that I shall have money! Teehee.

Randomly, finished Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks. It's kind of explicit, but it definitely is a good read. Those war books have definitely changed my outlook on life. Now starting on a new book called Testament Of Youth by Vera Brittan. We studied an extract from that book and I absolutely hated it because she was so ignorant of the conditions in war. But I should still give it a try.

"Now let's stop this drivelly drivel and get on to more exciting things. Like Shakespeare!" *class groans* - Mrs Thorpe, another one of my eccentric English teacher. She's really nice and so funny. Best thing is, she makes Shakespeare interesting!

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