Friday, October 03, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Past few days have been pretty hectic. The pile of work has, thankfully, shifted a little and so I only have one essay as well as a load of research to do for now.

Monday, I was at home. I have no idea what I did, but pretty sure I was busy. Then Tuesday I was over at Nanny's so was busy as well. Wednesday was the busiest of all.

There was my piano lesson, then while Jordan was having his piano lesson, me and Auntie Carol walked around this shop called Around the Pound. Love that shop, it's full of cheap dinky things. Got face cream which I really need because the wind here has been getting really icy and cold. Having discovered the horrors of wind burn last year, I didn't want my face skin to get to that stage again. So, face cream is a must! Then went to this thing called the Alpha course where they teach you about Christianity. It's actually pretty fun, get free dinner and pastry and stuff, then after that you get to watch a video which is like a service thing, then you gather up in little groups to discuss the topic.

Today they are having a games night..I really want to go, but I'm so tired! Those people there are really nice though, and maybe next week they'll have a games night again.

Weekend is not different, still busy. Going to Ryan's for the afternoon on Saturday, then church followed by work on Sunday.

Have I ever complained my life is too empty? Now I got my wish. My life couldn't be fuller than this! I have too little alone time with myself as it is! Give my alone time back people! (Only joking. I like the company of others too! Promise. I'm not saying this just because I'll see you people quite soon.)

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