Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cat And Laundry..

Do not mix.

I was folding my clothes today in my room, on my bed. Cos I'm just too darn lazy to iron them. Besides, with the cold weather, I'm wearing my shirts under my jumper anyway so who sees them? Anyway, I left the clothes for a little while and then came back up to my room to see Missy lying around my clothes like a really really comfortable bed.

Now, I'm all for rolling about soft fluffy duvets and towels and stuff, but these are my clothes! And as much as you want to share the love, I don't really want your fur on my towels which I use to dry myself with. Silly as I am, I left her among my clothes purring away while rubbing her furry face on my towel.

Unfortunately, she got into a rather playful mood and started to sink her claws into anything that moves. That would be the shirts and towels as I flip them out to get them to spread out, and my toes.

Did anyone say "Ow"?

Well anyway, I grabbed my camera so you can all see her frolicking amongst my clothes and laugh at my unfortunate-ness. It really wasn't too bad.

This is her frolicking:And her sitting on her throne of trousers:Halfway through folding my clothes, I got bored and decided to give Missy this baby toy. Which is a smiling butterfly whose wings crinkle when you touch them and moves around whenever you pull the string. I moved it around a few times in front of her, and then sat back and take pictures while she investigated it.I don't think she quite liked it's smiling face. She must have been thinking this:

Missy: Ohohoho, a new victim. Bow and fear me! What? You're not scared? Why are you just smiling at me? *poke*
Butterfly's wings crinkle.
Missy: Hah! There! You have experience my wrath! Now tremble before me!
Butterfly smiles back.
Missy: Fear me, Dammit! *chomp*

And it goes on and on. I even got a video for you here:

At the end I thought I could show you how she sinks her claws into anything that moves by waving the shirt I was currently folding but it didn't work too well. She left shortly after the video. The butterfly must have annoyed her with it's mocking smile.

The Offender

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