Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have found one of the most amazing things EVER on the internet. Stumbling. Yes! Not walking around and falling over. It's on the internet. And you download this tool bar after you create an account stating your interests, then after that you just click on "Stumble!" and they will Stumble you to a random website that concerns your interests. Then if you like it, click on the thumbs up button saying "I like it!" and it will save under your favorite pages.

Through Stumbling on Sunday, I have found lots of funny pictures. After weeding out the less funny ones, I hereby present you with The Top Two!

The difference between cats and dogs

Now I know why men lose hair...

The Stumbling has also brought me upon a few really funny comic strips. So here are two of them too:I just thought it might be nice to share this little bit of information with everyone!

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