Thursday, June 17, 2010

Full Metal Alchemist

I have finally finished reading the whole Full Metal Alchemist. It was absolutely brilliant. Very touching too.

Yes, I read it while I was in work and it was a bit odd when my eyes filled up at particularly touching parts.

Yes, I also know that the last chapter of Full Metal Alchemist was released a week ago but I completely forgot about it and only remembered now. No harm done. ^_^

You know what I realised? I get paid to sit on the internets! (and drink copious amounts of green tea) Sure, Facebook, MSN, and nearly all the gaming websites are filtered out. But there's always todaysbigthing, MLIA, amirite, Failbook, omnomnomnom, and Google to keep me occupied.

Uh huh, don't you envy me?

What makes this so much better is that the coffee shops here sell good and cheap food. I'm gonna be such a fattie by August.

You guys will still love me right?

You better, or you're all fat-ists.

Now let me look for more interesting websites. I shall need them to keep myself from sleeping.

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