Saturday, August 25, 2007

the longest journey of my life...

heyyy prizes for guessing who it is over there...

finally back from residential camp. from 19th august to 23 august, i have been doing physical and extreme activities all is the schedule

day 1: arrived at 12 so we went bouldering all afternoon. it's actually walking up the river for those who dont already know...and slipped a few times. which is quite scary considering i cant swim and will be swept away by the current once i'm swept off my feet. then night time we went to murdock beach and walked in the fenced off area i.e., the part with no planks.

day2: went rock climbing in the morning and then canoeing in the afternoon. during rock climbing i couldnt make up the first few metres so i gave up cos i am soooo scared, big baby that i am, but in canoeing, it was actually quite fun. people were just slacking off and i got to use my arms muscles. it was aching for the nxt few days but oh well... =D

day 3: climbed up ben crom. was the scariest and biggest experience of my life. and this is the part where i want to touch up ont he most. going up was kind of a torture. lots of time u will go " i cant go any further" and each and everytime u do that, u have to go on somehow because u realise that no one is goin going to come and save u, no one is going to carry u off because they cant. u have to walk on ur own two feet in the end. mfinally when u get up, the feeling of exhiliration was irresistable and i was doing crazy stuff like shaking my head and goin "whoooo!!!!". the worst point of the trip up to then will have to be realising that u have to go down again. and even worse, u can see everything ALL the way down. each time i slip, i go"ah!!! oh no! i'm gonna die! i will fall all the way down and then DIE!!!!!!!!!" and when i did slip and sprain my ankle, all i can do is sit down and cry because all i can think of is "that could have been me down at the bottom. when i rolled, i could have rolled all the way down, breaking every bone in my body as i go." eventually, wat can i do but stand up and go on.
i really must say that the whole trip was a blast, really, and i cant wait to get back there nxt yr. everyone was really great. even the other group of kiddies who are really friendly, and who are so cool in their own way. i cant believe my luck in being able to come all the way down her and being able to meet all those great people, and being able to find out so much about myself as well as being able to understand people better. i dont know how, but i feel like i would be able to understand people better after this.

besides all that, i have managed to learn some invaluable social skills and somehow, i feel more confident, and more sure of myself. i also want to thank my dear readers. for all those hu still went to read my blog when i stopped blogging, thanks for not losing ur faith in me. i'm sorta a little rust now. but i'll improve. yepz...and EVERYONE FROM RESIDENTIAL!!! MISS U ALLS!!!!!!!!!!!

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