Saturday, September 15, 2007

herbert the tennisball is my BEST friend

yesterday i got herbert the tennis ball and i think he's soooo cute. how he came to be is that the day before, bogie's sister came up to him with this tennis ball, and it actually rattled. then he cut it open and found that there are actually little stones in it. and it couldnt bounce because of that.

then he brought it to school the next day which is yesterday really and then started to make it look like a face with a mouth. then i drew a face on it and it looked soo cute. after that i got so excited i ran around the place telling anyone who would listen "look!" and move it's mouth. then when i showed helena, she went "u whould call it herbert or something" and i thought it was a great idea. and called the now him tennis ball herbert. so there he is. gave him feet today. he's got DC shoes. like mine! lalala.

moved rooms today. was sleeping in jordan's music room and now moved into the main house to the room just above the bedrooms. not too bad, got drawer space and the like, as well as the fact that i can personalise the room as much as i want within reason. not living out of a suitcase anymore!! yay!

since i cant manage to write right at the bottom below the photos, i'll just say bye here. ok, bye, and enjoy! dont laugh at my face, cant smile properly so there u go. pouty that is my little sister's toy. jordan used it;s magnetic hands and feet to create that. along with my safety's skateboarding!!that's patrick(given to me by auntie heather) and my b-day bear(given to me by auntie carol) their making friends

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