Saturday, September 29, 2007

card night, then movie night. yippee!

last night was great! i didnt i was going to wasnt too enthu about it. but it was really great. i went to nanny's for a card night with the aunties and the girls. the game is skip-bo but with a twist. everyone's got presents at the end. and the winner of wach game gets to pick them first. to add to it, the presents are wrapped. so u are not really sure about wat u going to get. i got two presents though i just won one game and got really good stuff. it was so fun! got a pencil holder and a soap dish but i'm putting my necklaces in them. also got a bracelet. how cool is that?today i'm going to go for a girly night out with one of the aunties and her friends. going to newry to watch the atonement. it looks really good and was thinking of watching it. didnt think would be that soon. heehee :) anyway, got around to taking photos for u people to see my presents from wales. it's a heart-shaped necklace, a keyring, a portable pen, a lollipop and a bean. keyring, bean and portable pen has my name on it. (amber) :)

have u ever seen cobwebs with morning dew on them? this morning when i woke up i decided to open the window cos it was getting a little stuffy. then when i opened the window there is this cobweb just dripping with dew and it looks sooo pretty. i mean seriously, it looks really pretty i just had to take my camera there and then to take a photo. here it is too...i know it's kinda blurry but oh well....
anyway i'm just really glad my social life has filled out nicely. i've been asked to a birthday party on the 13th of october and a movie night sometime in halloween. even though i dont think i can make it, i'm still quite happy i'm asked to go cos this means i will have a rather full social life in the future. so yay!

sure i'm going to be tired but who cares? i'm having the time of my life!

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