Saturday, September 29, 2007

dum de dum................ARGH!!!!

today was quite good school wise, but then after school the bus trip home was hell. in maths class the teacher was teaching stuff. like i said, a repeat of O levels add maths. and then there was something different about it and i sorta clarified with her a few times. and then for completing the square i did it the less complicated way. and she came over and said "hmm amber, i like ur way. it's very good" and outside, i was like "oh, ok" but inside i was just dancing around going "oh yea! oh yea! i'm good!"

lol....but it just felt sooo good. esp when i was kinda like an under-achiever in maths during secondary school. and then in computing i did like notes(cause we have to) and then i showed it to the teacher. he said it's quite good. then this other guy came up and he had half a page of notes just. then the teacher called me over to show him the notes and told the guy "being a girl she probably wrote more than she have to but ur notes have to be a decent length" and gave my notes to him as a model. and again, in my head, doing a dance...

and health and social care we learnt about counselling skills and i was thinking about it and remembering that most of the skills was used by this counsellor in this yishun thing and suddenly it all seemed so sterile and emotionless. it suddenly all seemed like a sham. and i clarified with the teacher and she said it all comes with feelings just because it seems so technical doesnt mean they dont feel. and when i think about it more i will find that this actually helps the person to feel better. and it does. just that it seems

in the bus, i was standing cos there were a few assholes in the small gate pushing everyone back in. result? i got onto the bus and was pushed around. and stepped on...oh well

after typing all that out i'm just not in the mood to fuss about the bus trip...bye :)

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