Friday, November 02, 2007

6th day-girly outing!

went to bugis with meiyi, zoe, haishi, wandin and jodeline today. it was REALLY great fun. this was what it looks like before i left...raining..i love the rain. the smell of the earthiness and the vegetation just fills u up for me, that's the only time i feel one with the world and with nature. so a lift from my dad to khatib to get an mrt to bugis.
at the changeover. realised i can take a decent photo of myself. and took one!this is one without the golden sheen. and with a woman sitting there looking at HER camera. hahathis is me and meiyi on the escalators going up up up! reached bugis and bought this fish. he's so cute! and soft and cuddly. wandin and meiyi and zoe were shocked as i never used to spend money like that cos i used to just look at stuff longingly and go "awww i cant buy THAT" and walk away. but now that i've got the money, i just buy stuff.after the fish, got this watch, have yet to figure out how to adjust the time but it looks great doesnt it! *grins*i was trying to take a photo of everyone talking at the table but clearly i failed..meiyi took this photo of me. i am smiling so happily! prob got something to do with the specs.took a photo of the people sitting opposite me. meiyi and haishi posed. zoe shyed away. show your beautiful face!there! that's better. must have more confidence. one of my fav photos. me and wandin! oh, and my specs too! me and wandin this time without the specs cos they were getting in the way. have u noticed i tend to lean on people when i take photos with them?meiyi, with a look of perfect bliss and happiness on her face. she's talking to her parents about what to eat. :P my dinner. look at all that chilli oil! wasnt too good. the soup was thin and it was near tasteless. all that chilli oil gave me a stomacheache...ah well..then jodeline came! she posed for my cam immediately! good! shuang kuai! (straight forward) now so stylo liao..ahahame and jodeline. we look so happy ahaha...(again, i'm leaning on her..-_-''')then watch zoe solve the rubix cube. :D the nxt genius! then dessert! on the left, ching tng (chinese cooling soup. very light, very soothing for ur throat plus it doesnt leave ur mouth sticky) and on the right, green bean soup. i had cheng tng and meiyi had green bean soup. after dinner, went to take neoprint. after a min or so of photo taking and an hour of decorating them, this is the result of our 'hard work'! tada~~and then went to the toilet and i decided i havent got enough photos yet. took one in the toilet where everyone can be seen in the big mirrors!! yippee!!! our group!ann zonked out after my day, i went home and fell into bed and had a little nap.. zzzzzzzzzzz

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