Friday, November 23, 2007

health and social care

today was good yea. computing was good cos i finished the car hire program pretty fast and even got to do some microsoft office thingy. then english, in with break in between. after break ryan opened one of his two boxes of chocolates. (mint creams!) and i took some. then after that maths was good. i practically lazed about the whole hour. just marked the paper i have already done but others havent. =X

then common room, where people fooled around and i laughed at. and lunch, where i laughed some more. and then kiddies. they watched this play which was apparently really funny and they were all fighting to tell me about it. and it was really funny. laughed again. :P

and health and social care. teacher wasnt in. and i quickly finished the work given and turned around to talk to judith and claire. it was great. real good fun. and we just laughed and laughed and laughed. and then when the nxt teacher came, i was just sitting there 'silent laughing', during which i constricted my vocals too tightly and i gave little squeaks when i laughed. but i was too happy to care. :D really happy cos claire said i make her laugh. so there! :D

and i can make ryan laugh just by looking and smiling at him lalala~

i blame ryan for my hyper-ness in my health and social care. cos he brought in all those mint creams and coffee creams to tempt me during lunch. and i ate them...(clearly) all that sugar caffeine rush. cos i had some coke (courtesy of ryan)

came home, ironed my uniform, ate, practiced piano, washed the dishes. and ate chocolate(again) cos there was this whole pile of chocolates. and i ate some and gave benjamin(the dalmation) some...

i really shd stop eating chocolates...i found out that i have two little pimples on my face. and they look like they can turn into acne...*shock*

i MUST eat healthily...

and then i found out that there are a few pics of peoples from helen's b-day party last saturday.from left:natalie(the one with hair covering the face), victoria, louise and sarah powers (the blur)
awwwwwwwww helen's doggy!!! she's got two. and they are adorable!
photo of me, as taken by someone who is very, very near me (i forgot who)
photo of jennifer's foot. lol!!
nicki! (hi! *waves*)
from left:jennifer(the blur), nicki, natalie and sarah patterson
from left:jennifer, nicki, helen, natalie and sarah patterson

here is what i came up with in health and social care. sks, the highlight of my day.


Dominate! Communicate! Populate!

then i rold ryan and this is what he added in:

Dominate! Communicate! Populate! Exterminate! Regenerate!

had lots of fun today i did *grins* that's it for today! byeeeeeeeeeee