Tuesday, November 06, 2007

10th day-dad's shop and out with my sisters

last night had curry puff from old chang kee! it's SOOO good. the best curry puff EVER! just to show you a few photos...this is the curry puff in the bag! ^_^curry puff peeking out..and just look! look at the filling! i ate it till i reached the egg so you can see it. how considerate of me :)today! i want to talk about NASTY customers! you know those who go into a shop, are told that they are being sold stuff at prices below cost price and then STILL want to get it at a cheaper price. got quite a few today. also, those who walk into a shop, and ignore you went you ask them "hello! looking for anything? :)" and they just walk about as if nothing is ever said! *huffs*
at the shop, not too bad considering that i only got shouted at by my dad just once. an achievement *beams* once again, i would like to stress that my dad's shop is closing nxt week. pls pls pls pls! come to my dad's shop to help buy things off him. he's on trengannu street, number 25. name is sing kwang. just in case you dont know what it looks like, let me refresh your memory. this is what you shd see from the street looking into the shop. had a great lunch in the shop! went to this rice and vege stall in the coffee shop near there where i used to go everyday when i was working there and the person still remembered me! said i wasnt there for a year and where did i go? got the usual. two veges, one curry plus chilli!! after that was really hot and sweated abit...but chilli does that to u. so i was saying, customers. yea. many of you probably dont know but it's pretty crap when people walk into the shop, look around, poke around, ask this ask that, raise our hopes up, and then say "no, that's not what i want. it's too expensive." and then walk away. i had to face rejection of this kind like what? 20 times a day. all you can do is just go "NA BUE JI BAI!!!! KAN NI NA!!!" and then go about your work. go home, rest, recharge and try to erase the memories of the last day from your mind and then go about trying to act as if being rejected and not making business, losing money every month doesnt affect you at all. it's pretty crap.

so next time you go into a shop, just try to understand that the person has probably been standing there for a few hours and would probably be all worn out emotionally. try not to play around in the shop and mess with that person's head will ya? this will be my little bit to possibly, ease the lives of sales people out there a little. yepz yepz. *nods*

got a few more things from the shop to bring back to NI people. hope they like it. and ryan? i got your chess set. thank me! :P

after that came home, lazed about a little, and went out to fetch baby and yinghao for our day out. went to my old primary school. and saw like a few kiddies here and there walking about looking quite occupied with their life and looking pretty self important. then it struck me how it seems like such a short while ago, yet like a whole lifetime away when i was just a kid like them. when i thought everything i did was really cool and that the only thing in the world that really mattered was me. it was a pretty weird feeling. then i regretted not having cherished my childhood. not that i dont have any memories. i played tricks, was pretty devious. so yea..
anyway, took a few photos of my school. yepz yepz. miss that place quite abit. miss the food too. tried buying the food last yr but sorta got chased out. wonder y...
the school side gate.the school sign (peiying primary school) yay! and the little girl in front is my little sister. haha! she spotted me only afterwards.after fetching my sisters, we went to northpoint. 1st stop? popular bookstore! yay! i saw seowpeng, jerry, zoe and serlin. seow peng keep saying "wei she me zhe yang qiao?" (why is it so coincidential?) and then i bought pens for myself, pen, marker and file for baby, and then went to visit my old friend. rememeber this guy? (look down)
apparently you dont.
ok let me refresh your memory. (look down again!) tada~~enough lameness. after popular, developed photos at 20cents per photo. (thx seowpeng for telling me about the offer!) while photos are developing, went to take neoprint. it was the 1st ever time baby's taking her neoprint. so new experience for her. it was great fun.
neoprint done, went to collect the photos and had dinner! yay! i had nasi bryani from the food court downstairs. it was absolutely delicious. and spicy! had like half chillis in it and i ate it all up. (okok, prob no one does it) but it's great!
i was actually planning to take a photo of the huge queue but i decided not to just in case someone decides to take offence. so after dinner, i went to the spot where i was and took a photo. there! the place is "shami banana leaf delights". maybe it tastes great, maybe it's the concept of eating out of a real banana leaf. but whatever it is, it works for the crowds and it draws people in every lunch and dinner time.
yinghao and baby got that. it's supposed to be 'korean cuisine'. ramen. but then it looks like instant noodle, tastes like instant noodle. so what the hell did we pay $6+ for? lol. weird...after dinner, went to this titbit shop which sells pretty decent titbits at cheap prices. and bouthg ice lollies! (i do know it's actually jelly which u can freeze). guess the total amount of the jellies!guess....
guessed it yet? :P
aha! nearly there...
ok, i'll stop torturing you.
$1.60 :D so cheap right? (i know i very auntie.. ><)
after buying, baby(little sis) went to the toilet. i saw the mirrors and decided to take photos with yinghao. yay! product of hardwork.baby was done, and she joined us!
after a good evening of fun, play and food, we went home and i decided to take a picture of our shadows on the way home while walking on the road home...

ah...i just love perfect endings...*sigh*

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