Sunday, November 04, 2007

8th day-bowling and dinner!

today went to thomson plaza first again. didnt mange to go to church with my little sis cos i coudlnt get up. (9am must reach!!) so anyway, when i went to thomson plaza my mom bought stuff for this really great dinner. been eating loads of good food since i came. but worry abouit getting fat. but then again, i've been walking about most of my waking hours. so maaaaybe all food is burnt up. ok back to the topic i was on. i actually went to thomson plaza to visit my tuition teacher, and when i was talking to her i found out that i am actually certified to teach chinese. reason, i took an international exam a year ago (HSK-Han yu Shui ping Kao shi). actually just having that cert will certify me as a translator. but she said because i scored pretty decently in that exam, i am able to teach chinese! after which i had lunch in thomson plaza. yay! ><. i had lor mee. but no vinegar. lor mee is not lor mee without vinegar. lor mee is below..
yinghao had chicken rice! (HAHA jordan!!!!)after that went home, rested for a grand total of like...what? 15 min? and then set off to orchid country club with my little sis. she brought along a huge umbrella with my mom's orders and my futile resistance against bringing it along. and THIS is what she looked like-a mushroom...-_-'''then decided to be cheeky and take a vid of her walking about with e huge umbrella (i'm such a good sis arent i?) chinese in the end is saying "careful! there's a car, there's a car!"

reached orchid country club. and my grandparents are having their lunch, :)

shortly after that went bowling. and for those in northern ireland who think that the red and white bowling shoes are bad, look at this! so cartoon(cute). neon shades. haha! really funny. but everyone else was wearing that too. :P my bowling improved though, u have to do the four steps. meaning. right, left, right, left, SLIDE! that is if u're right handed. if u're left handed, it's vice versa. so there u are, a bowling lesson there. the side view on my shoe. just to shoe u that the side has got neon shades too. pictures of the bowling thing itself. these, are the (bowling) balls.and these, are OUR (meaning people in the two aisles) balls. mine is the neon orange one. :)and this is the view i had from my aisle. isnt it kinda cool? i really like the consistency thing going on over there. and this is of the alleys. i quite like this pic too.

and then after that someone exclaimed that she had this voucher and she could get 20 drinks. and treated us :) mine is the one in the middle, f&n grape! yay! uncle paul got the one nearest to the camera. dunno what that is. and the bottle is this man who was with us. he's practicing his hook. and it looks so cool! the ball moves toward the gutter and at the edge, moves away and toward the centre. at least that's what it's supposed to do if u throw it right, and that guy was really good.after bowling, i went back to the hotel room and slept, cos i was dead tired. uncle oaul wasnt tired at all, he went to the gym. slept all the way through and then woke up to the hecticness brought by my dad's phone call cos my grandparents, uncle paul and me are supposed to be ready to go home and have dinner. but the grandparents have no idea, and uncel paul is nowhere to be seen. (still at the gym la...) i was just sitting there getting stressed. lol! when i finally got back though, it was worth it. cos look at what was waiting for us!

nothing like a super dinner to end a pretty super day. my mom steams the best fish ever, the fish jsut melts in ur mouth. :) fish fish fish!! yay!!

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