Saturday, November 03, 2007

7th day-shopping with mom

first i went to thomson plaza to have lunch with uncle paul and grandparents(father's side) but i didnt take photos *regretful* i forgot to bring my camera!! of all things! after lunch, went back home with my dad to get my stuff and was dropped off at thomson plaza. THEN i took photos of thomson plaza. or at least tried to...

on the overhead bridge walking towards thomson plaza.imagine putting this photo in the room of someone who is scared of heights! haha! shd be funny...okok it's not that high but still....went in to wait for my little sis to finish her piano lesson this is what it looks like in there.
my mom came along and gave me....THIS tada~~
think it doesnt look impressive?
look at this! $10 popular bookstore gift voucher! and my aunt gave me another $10 gift voucher too! with the $20 total, i got...THESE! a pack of construction coloured paper, colour pens, paper to fold stars and roses with! yippee!!! going to have lots of fun!! but i got those in compass point. haha! that's later. after my sister came out, my mom went to this hardware store. being bored and just acting her age, she played with the huge rolls of toilet flooring. at least, that's what i think it is. and i took a photo! haha...
then went shopping with my mom and aunties (mom's side) and grandma (mom's side). went to compass point. didnt manage to get a photo of the building but i took lots of photos while waiting in my aunt's house to go out. haha.
this is my cousin's keyboard, and watch what it does!
and it bends! but it's real though. u can really use it. it's funnythen got a drink. chrysanthemum tea! yay! my favourite!me! with my new shirt! my little sis took this photo.and she took this one too!i took this one. and i'm really bonding with my specs!i WAS trying take a photo of my cousin secretly but forgot to cancel the flash. after i took that photo she went "it's ok if u want to take a photo secretly it's ok. but please remember to off ur flash!" had me in fits of laughter. the way she said it! that's when we finally came out and waited downstairs for my grandma to come down. the dog started barking and he's adorable! so cute! just look at him! he quieted down after a while and played with his toy. awwwwwwwwfor people in northern ireland. ever wondered what banana trees look like? here it is! and that's the unripe banana. u can easily plant them here in s'pore :)at the mrt station. found out that our reflections can be seen. again! and took photos of us three. i'm in the middle, cousin on the right, little sis on the left.took another one. little sis in the front, me on the left behind and my cousin on the right behind. in compass point finally! then this is my dinner! mee pok dry! look at the size of those fish balls! mmmmmmand again! mine mine! all mine!!! laksa! my favourite thing to order in a food court. recently have a thing for mee pok though. this one is good. trid the soup. and it's my cousin's. -_-''ahaha!!! chicken rice! i REALLY hope jordan is reading this. the chicken rice is sooooo good! cos i get to have some..after dinner, went to the toilet and i decided to take a photo of both me and my cousin. (there was a big mirror)that photo above was clearly blurry so took another one. as it turns out, this one is blurry too! ok! a reasonably clear one. now on to other things :Pafter that photo taking session in the toilet, walked around abit, and as mentioned above, bought stuff from popular. then went home in a double decker bus! decided that it's prob going to be one of those few times i actually get to sit in it for a decent amount of time so took photos as well.that is in the 2nd bus home. my little sis was listening top my mp4 and she looks like this little rich girl! haha all right! that's it and that's my day! haha! byeeeee

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