Monday, November 26, 2007

housework! lalala~

i did an immense amount of housework today. vacuumed my room once i came home from church. then i sat around for a bit, did some paperwork. and then went down for lunch. after which i washed the toilet. then i ironed all of my clothes. and it was all good cos i mean it's not perfect but then again it's the biggest pile of clothed i've ever ironed. and i'm pretty proud of it. thought of taking pictured of course, but then i kinda forgot about it. *blushes*

took a nice long shower and then talked on the phone to my mom and sisters who called from s'pore. pangs of homesickness hit me time and again throughout my convo. but then again it's all good. :D

then came onto the come! and here are the photos of the view outside my room. the grossly overdued photos of NI! *claps*that above is when it's dark. taken without flash...and this on above is taken with flash. note taht the white specks are not snow. it's this really fine drizzle which is really common and never-ending during this season.

now, remember the last day i had in s'pore? i have a few videos. *muahahaha* and seowpeng is featured in this one. presenting....*drum roll*

THE ROCKER!!! *echoes dramatically*
lalala~this is grossly overdue too but oh well. better late than never :D haha! seowpeng is gonna kill me when she sees this. =X