Thursday, November 01, 2007

went to my dad's shop today cos it's closing on the 15th november. and took photos. it was quite fun...but it was sweltering abd oh so humid! and my temper was running really high...only consolation, bought a huge bag. so i can put in my huge file and not worry about it. yepz yepz
this is my dad's shop from outside(street) looking dad's shop from inside looking outthe shelfshelf full of calligraphy thingsshelf full of decorations..i'm really sure people love it but for some reason they do not buy it. :(the lion heads..body is in the head. lol!the inside of the shop. and we have to sell EVERYTHING by th 15th of november. prices are dirt cheap but no one buys them..all the jade goods and me reflected in the mirror..the lanterns hung up for display in the chinese new year..and it's still there cos people do buy them. not all the time but occasionally.the lanterns from lantern festival plus a few chinese kites. look at the difference of the ducks' eyes! one looks like donald duck and the other one looks like a real...well, duck!a letter opener in a shape of a samurai sword. anyone interested tell me. cos my dad's looking to clear it up. and it's $3 not $ just happened to be at the $1 sign.chess is very popular EVERYWHER but then, there are different kinds u know?

this is the english chess set..the CHINESE chess set.and the most famous in s'pore, MAHJONG set!the street which my dad's shop is in, check it out! people have no idea that i am taking a photo! this is my favourite kind of banana. the red banana! it tastes so much sweeter than the yellow ones, plus it's alot softer.this is what it looks like inside. $2 bill beside the banana is a joke...uncle philip put it there. he's my mom's cousin, like to joke and is funny :)
this is uncle philip. reminds me of cai shen ye (god of fortune) he does.the one in the middle is cai shen ye (god of fortune) if uncle philip keeps his moustache long and has a long beard along with longish hair, he'll look like him. lol!my paternal grandfather is an artist. this is one of his works. it's chinese characters which actually mean something, probably looks like a child's scribbles to those who dont know how to read chinese... :Sthe street where this really good sausage stall is.the sausage stall with the stall holder. he's a really nice person, gets along well with my dad and always sells sausages for a cheaper price. (just for my dad)my daddy in front of the shop and yes, he IS going to buy some sausages! yippee!the sausage, it's got cheese in it! *drool*after that, i went to orchird country club where uncle paul is staying at. and where my grandma and grandaunt and grandpa are staying too. (all on father's side)

this is my grandaunt, she was looking at me eat. lol!my grandaunt again, this is a good pic of her. *looks* she actually moulded me my nose when i was a baby. and she did it for me only my sisters didnt have it cos they werent brought up by my grandparents as babies while i was. :) in a way, she gave me a pretty face :)my grandma with my cousin standing in front. my grandma! she brought me up. and spoiled me rotten. remember her looking after me when i had chicken pox. and i had like 6 cheese sandwiches when my mom and dad only let me have 1. :P she does spoil me. gonna miss her and my grandaunt when i get back to cousin...he's REALLY clever but...just really hyper. he was running around the hotel room and didnt stop even when my grandpa shouted at cousin(same one which u saw above) asking my aunt if she can move the tv..she's drinking tea! u can see from the mirror..i ate's cakes made from glutinous rice and glutinous rice flour. sweet :)and seafood horfun..check out the prawns! yay! *digs in*

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