Tuesday, December 11, 2007

deepest apologies

ahh...back to blog at last. but the com is not fixed yet. jsut got to use the labtop for an hour.


so anyway, was with the little kiddies again today. and i taught them how to make origami boats. it was ok. just that they dont really understand that the boat doesnt look like one until u actually get to the very end. and all the whole way through i can hear wee voices calling out "amber! can you help me?!" "amber! i dont get this!!!"

i was pretty pissed off at 1st but then it just sorta made it up for me when i see them all happy and excited about the completed boats looking like REAL boats. yepz yepz

and...i'm going to donate blood on the 21st of december!

exams are all over too *grins*

that's about it i guess. lol byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee