Sunday, April 03, 2011


Don't they look so cute just sitting there? At first they won't come out of the sleeping bag, so according to the suggestion from the seller, I took away all the shelters except for the one above the toilet during the day so they will get used to the open-ness and also be encouraged to use the litter tray.

I must say first day is pretty successful? They basically didn't really poop anywhere except around the hay dish and in the litter tray. As for pee, I can't really see but I do know they peed at the side of the hay dish. (because I accidentally touched it when clearing poo for them)
Also I got Sweetpea to put a paw onto my hand when eating. I find the she loves apples alot more than carrots. I have been trying to feed them carrots (which are what they're used to), caixin (a local green leafy vegetable), peppers and apples. Sweetpea adores apples. She's a more adventurous eater. She tried the caixin but wasn't too keen. I guess it's too bitter for her?

I have decided to name the brown one Toffee. She is more tolerant when I pet her, but somehow she won't eat from my hand today. She seems to only accept food from me at night, and Sweetpea accepts food from me during the day.

After I got Sweetpea to eat from my hand I tried to pick her up and pet her, after which she started to struggle. I put her down immediately and she was really frightened and won't take food from me again. I feel so bad! Have to try again tomorrow. *sigh*

After I took the shelters away, this is basically where they stayed the whole day sorta. I hope they're not plotting to escape.

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