Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Singapore Flyer

Last Saturday I went to the Singapore Flyer with Saheed and his family again, this time we're reviewing the new Interactive Room. Basically it's this very science-y, techy room where you get to see super space age stuff and get to read random facts about the Flyer.

What impressed me most was this HUGE screen, which took up nearly a wall, and it's got lots of stuff projected on it. This one has turning wheels, the rest has like cherry blossoms in bloom, looking at animals in the forest that kind of thing. It creates this sense that you're in another world. I was totally mesmerised by it.
After that, you go through a few other rooms and corridors, which I will not touch on. Really, the first room is the most impressive. The rest of the rooms just didn't really catch my attention.

Getting onto the Flyer was pretty impressive. It takes about half an hour to go one full round, and it may seem like it's going reeeaaallly slowly, but in actual fact it goes pretty quickly. Slightly faster than an escalator. Right, so here is the Flyer as I see it from the cabin I was in. At night they have lights lighting it up and the light slowly fades into different colours. I think it's to add more variety, cos to be honest there's not an awful lot to look at during night time.
It would probably have been more stunning if we managed to come during sunset. Here are a few night pictures. I'm quite proud of them heehee.

My favourite picture is the second one. It's easily the best night scape picture I've ever taken. Ever.

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