Monday, April 04, 2011

Diet Week 3

I haven't been as conscientious as last week. Temptation is starting to overwhelm me! I had friend chicken on Wednesday, and then KFC on Saturday followed by a heavy dinner. The diet is definitely working though. My appetite has decreased and even a small amount of food can bloat me. This is not good when I get my nibbly moods, but I just chug down water and bear with it. Let's get on with the results shall we?

Weight: 77.9kg
Right arm: 14 inches
Left arm: 14.5 inches
Right thigh: 27.6 inches
Left thigh: 27.2 inches
Bust: 39.5 inches
Waist: 37 inches
Hips: 43.6 inches

As of last week:
Weight lost: 0.5 kg
Inches lost: 1.1 inches

Total result:
Weight lost: 1.5kg
Inches lost: 2.1 inches

I can't believe I have gone below 78kg! I'm in a precarious position. The next time I weight myself I might be 78kg again (NOOOOO!). So happy :)

This week, I shall be strict with my diet again, and also snack on almonds with I have my nibbly moods. Heehee.

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