Friday, April 01, 2011

Guinea Pigs' Cage!

The view of the whole cage. Doesn't it look adorable! Check out the furry bed on the inside of the cube. I love the colours, it just makes the whole cage so vibrant! All I need to do now is lay down the bedding and put up the grid for the water bottle.

Here is the litter tray and their little dishes. The shapes of the dishes are so cute aren't they? I'm planning on toilet training the babies, so wish me luck!

Their little beds! See the furry bed? You can flip it inside out and you can have a 'cool' side for the guinea pigs so they don't get overheated! I will have to buy another one and extend the cube when they get bigger.
I can't wait for my guinea pigs to come tomorrow! This is all so exciting I shall take pictures of them and put it up. Also I will be working on the drainage container. Think I shall paint it in a really cute way. It feels like I'm somehow making up for all the lost time of being a little girl.

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