Sunday, April 17, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore!

Went to Universal Studios with Saheed and his family on Friday, and it was pretty awesome!

First we went on a few rides, first one was at Ancient Egypt. It was part haunted house, part roller coaster. Ahhh so scary. They had fire and stuff inside which was cool and because it was completely dark, you never know what's coming. So every acceleration and drop felt so much more scary.

Second ride was the one that made me feel pretty sick. I went on the ever-insane Battlestar Galactica ride in the Sci-Fi zone. In Human mode of course. The drops were CRAZY! It was so shocking, I forgot to scream and I kinda felt detached from my body. Weird. I heard Cylon was good though. Saheed said it wasn't as scary, but I don't believe him. Think I'll try it next time I'm going.

After the stomach lurching ride, Saheed's sister, mom and me went for the sci-fi version of the teacup rides. We all got really giddy haha.

Then after walking around lots, we finally went to Far Far Away. Easily my favourite part. Cos I'm so child-like and whatnot. We went to a 4D movie which was GREAT! Then to a kid roller coaster which was not SO kiddy that it didn't contain any thrill. I loved it but Saheed thinks it was pretty boring. We were all laughing because compared to the Battlestar Galactica ride, this was nothing.

After the rides we pretty much felt like we've had enough, so we went to fetch our bags from the lockers and took pictures with a few iconic cartoons.

Went into random shops without buying a single thing. Things are SO expensive there. Even the food, they were selling turkey legs at $10.80 each!

After that, we went to watch the Monster Rock show. We thought it was a REAL rock concert and got pretty pumped up. But it turns out, it was a bunch of people dressed as legendary monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, Mummy, She-wolf and stuff. They were modernised and they sang and danced to rock hits. Fireworks and pyrotechnics were great. But in terms of rock and roll, abit of a let down.

Even more pictures before we go, too bad we didn't think if taking our cameras with us and just checking it into lockers before the rides.

Just outside of Universal Studios is easily my new favourite place. It's the Hershey's shop! Saheed loves this bar of chocolate heehee. It was 6kg! World's Largest Bar of chocolate apparently.

Aaand I got my Reese's Peanut butter Cups! Awesome stuff. The mascot was so nice. There was this one girl who just hit the back of the mascot's head. Awful person. She should be slapped a hundred times.
And so ends my day at Universal Studios. Think I'll go again one day after 6pm, just to take pictures and watch the fireworks at 9pm. Should be good!

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