Sunday, April 03, 2011


Today was a normal day, and it turned out badly. First of all I woke up at 8am which was all right and good. After I cut up the veg for my babies and put fresh food onto their bowls and watched them 'popcorn' a little, I set up a behavioural shaping program. Which I will expand on in another post.

Anyway, I had tuition in the afternoon so I had a few hours of play and then it's off to tuition with me. Tuition was bad. In all sense of the word. My student would not listen, he'd been dropping the F-bomb on facebook and I am not happy with it. So, during lesson, he copied answers for a few questions which was not cool. After that, I realised that he still had school work to do. So I had to sit there and wait for him to finish or till time's up for tuition.

It was really all fine and good for me, considering I took my lecture notes out with me to revise for the exam I had tomorrow. But still, I would like to know that I have made some form of progress.

So I got home, to find that my sister has been messing things up in the babies' cage for me.

For one, she had put the shelter back over their bed. I had taken away all shelters except for the one above the toilet so that they'll be encouraged to use the toilet. Also, this is to ensure that they're used to the open space so they can tell that there is really no danger here in spite of what their instinct tells them.

Secondly, she has swept up all the poop. I know it sounds like a good thing, but I've been trying to toilet train them, so I deliberately NOT sweep up the poop when I saw it before I left. So that I can tell if the toilet training regime has been working. Geez!

Thirdly, she took all the fresh veg that I have put in the middle of the cage, and placed it in the litter tray, where they like to hang out. This is just encouraging them to stay in the shelter at all times. The hay and pellets are already right by the litter tray, they have to know that even if they come out to eat yummy carrots, an eagle would NOT swoop down and pick them up.

Yea. I'm annoyed. I have faced so much resistance from everyone when I first said that I wanted guinea pigs and now that I have them, they're all over them. As if I have not been the one to pay for EVERYTHING. I'm sorry. I sound materialistic. But the fact of the matter is, I have fought hard to get my babies here. My babies are to be trained the way I want to train them, and be handled only when I allow you to do so.

In spite of the smell, I love my babies. That is why I am acting like such a She-Hulk.
How can I not love them?

To top it all off, I just did my nails in hopes of putting myself in a better mood. It looks horrible. I hate it. Frigging icing on the frigging cake.

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