Friday, April 22, 2011

Fur Mites! :(

I brought them to the vet last Wednesday because I wanted to make sure they were in the pink of health. The previous week they seem to be squeaking when they poop which I take to be a bad sign. They've since stopped doing it, and I expected the vet to say they were ok. But instead, they have fur mites! I googled it at home and trust me, you don't want to go to google images for that. Because they're so small, they can't go for treatment till they're 2 and a half months old.

I can't wait for their treatment to start in June so I can get the bloodsucking bastards off my babies.

In other news, the babies have grown loads! Just compare the two pictures below:
Also, they seem to enjoy being picked up and held close to my chest. They also love chewing on the rubberband I wear on my wrist. So that helps haha.

I love them so much. Starting to give them sweetcorn leaves and silk (the furry part in sweetcorn) which they love, and they also love red peppers. I try not to give too much fruit. Don't want them to get too much sugar. Apparently carrots contain sugar too, and too much can result in tubby guinea pigs. I don't mind having tubby guinea pigs, I just don't want them to be unhealthy.

Let's end with an adorable picture:

They are my pride and joy ^^

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