Friday, April 01, 2011

Babies are here!!

My babies are here! Aren't you so excited! I sure am! The people who brought them here were to nice, they came and they help me to set up the cage, everything! She even taught me how to look after them and told me how much to feed them and stuff :)

This is Sweetpea, she ran into the bumblebee sleeping bag thing. I took her out eventually because Brownie (her temporary name till Saheed names her) looked really lonely just sitting in the cube.

See how lonely Brownie looks? She's much more friendly (or more tolerant of what I do). But when Sweetpea left, she was just sitting there not moving for AGES.

Both of them abit earlier, Sweetpea seems to like sitting in the hay dish. Ah well. Little joys. It must be comfortable.

So now, this is kinda what they're doing. I think they're tired. I'll continue making friends with them tomorrow heehee.
I love them so much. They're simply adorable.

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