Monday, April 04, 2011

Paper Mache - Drainage container

So as I mentioned not long ago in this post, I have been working on a paper mache drainage container for my little Hoyakerrii. Here is how I did it.

So, after I bought their little shelter for the babies I was left with two boxes that I won't really need, so I decided to make a paper mache container out of it. Cos I can't really bear to throw good cardboard away (I'm odd like that) and I haven't done paper mache in a while.

First of all I drew out the net. I had a 3 inch square as a base, and the sides are about 1.5 inches high. I made it a little bit slanted so it won't look so weird.

Then I cut out the cardboard and stuck it together with masking tape. It doesn't really matter if the masking tape is old, or if it doesn't stick very well anymore. It just has to keep the thing together till you put your first layer of paper mache on.

Now cover all the plastic-ky sides with masking tape. This will help the paper mache stay on.

Get out your newspapers, make your paste and get messy! I used rice flour and boiling water to make a paste for this one. But it doesn't work as well as plain flour and water. Just mix plain flour into water till you get a smooth thick paste. Like cake batter. (Yummy) Stick on the newspaper strip by strip.

Till you get something like this. Let each layer dry completely before you put on the next layer. I did it on different sides. For example, I'd layer the inside with newspaper and let it dry for about a day and then layer the outside. Do this for about three layers on each side.

Now it's time to paint it! To make it water proof, use acrylic paint. I suggest using white paper as the last layer, or putting a few layers of your paste mixture with white acrylic paint over the container before painting (let each layer of paste dry before putting another layer). To cover the newspaper, it took me about 5 coats of yellow acrylic paint! My pot of yellow paint is now half gone *sigh*.

Now it's time to decorate it. I used some of my nail art stuff to decorate the container, simply because I am terrible at painting.

Just to make sure it's extra waterproof, I spray-painted the whole container with about 3 layers of clear varnish. Again, make sure each layer is dry before spraying on some more. I didn't do that and my varnish got really sticky at one point.

After spray painting, you're done! Look at my hoyakerrii, isn't it just so cute! This took me about a week to make. But it could have been done alot faster obviously. There was no time to paint because of school and stuff. And also I couldn't just sit at home waiting for the varnish to dry, so I just did it in the morning and at night.

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