Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Things!

In the space of two days, I have acquired three new things.

1) a new friend
2) a new guinea pigs cage (or old? It was second hand)
3) a new drainage container

I made a new friend! It's odd because I don't normally go all out to make friends on my own, but my best friend's cousin turned out to be a super extrovert. And now TADAAA~ I have a new friend.

The new guinea pig cage is actually a tub. It looks ADORABLE with all the accessories I bought for it inside. I gotta buy some bedding though. So I can finally bring my little babies home. Pictures of the tub tomorrow.

Drainage container is for my new Hoyakerrii (aka Sweetheart Hoya). I don't have a drainage pot, so I'm sorta making one out of paper mache and water-proofing it using acrylic paint (which I can't find!!) and clear varnish. First coat will be completed tomorrow morning! Needs three layers to make it firm and strong.

That's life. Yes it is.

Update about the photo contest, I'm losing. I must be in fourth place now. And to add insult to injury, the photo in first place is a photo that is clearly not of the same quality as mine. I kid you not. It's true! It's not as nice as mine! Other photos were not nicer too. It's all a popularity contest. See who responds more to your pleas for help.

I am not popular guyz. NOT. AT. ALL.

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