Sunday, March 20, 2011

Must! Study!

OK, so now I've decided to post more on this blog. That way, if I need any help from readers (not that I have any), I can just post on this blog! Wheee!

There's this mid-term test coming up and I really can't be bothered to study for it. It's STATISTICS! And statistics is just about as appealing as wading into a swamp filled with poo. But I gotta do it! It's the last module of statistics I have to take to complete my degree (Hallelujah!).

On to studying then.

Update on guinea pigs, I went to post a discussion on this really cute guinea pigs website called Happy Guinea Pigs. Check it out here. I posted about wanting to get a pair of free female guinea pigs and the person who created the page was like "you're looking for free baby guinea pigs to adopt?" And I was like YES YES YES! OK maybe I was less enthusiastic. But still, I hope she has contacts!

To be honest, I don't really care if the guinea pig is a cavy (purebreed). All I want is a sweet pet to look after. I would love a kitten, but I can't keep them in cages and it's more demanding. Also, guinea pigs are larger than hamsters, and less active. They're also very vocal. Like me. Somehow I feel that they fit my personality more. Next to cats of course. Cats/dogs will always be top on my list.

Another update, I found this website for brilliant recipes. I love love love it! Awesomely amazing. It's just a website where you can check out loads of tried and tested recipes, from salads, to appetizers, to main courses, to baking. You get the idea. Check it out here.

I think I gotta change my blogskin soon. Not being able to see my mouse when I scroll over the boxes is just driving me crazy!

Off to study now. Maybe I'll post tomorrow, maybe I won't. Ha!

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