Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear Body

Dear Body,

You have served my admirably for the past 20 and a half years, and I thank you for it. You came into this world whole, fresh, and untainted. However, years spent on this planet has taken it's toll on you. You have given me shoulder aches for the past two years, and I accept it without a word. Sure, I put the nasty smelling muscle rub stuff in hopes of relieving the pain. But still, I accept it.

In addition to shoulder pains, you have recently plagued me with knee pains. Why, oh WHY would you give me knee pains? I was trying to whip you into shape! But noooo, you gave me knee pains, so I can't run anymore. And it hurts to go up and down steps if I'm carrying something heavy You didn't stop at the knees did you? Oh no, you have to give me more! Here comes lower back pains. From carrying an extremely heavy shoulder bag. Inexplicably, here comes pain at this really weird place that's between my lower back and butt. Ow.

I'm sorry alright? I'm sorry! Can we stop this war now? I want to diet and exercise so that I can be healthy again! You will accept going to the gym nearly everyday, and walking for half an hour on days with no gym. You will accept it, and like it! You will eat healthy foods and not crave for junk! I will beat you into submission if I have to.

I dream of a day when I can once again run wildly in a field with no pain. Do you want that dream? Dream with me, Body. We can do it together. Stop this war against me because both you and I know it's futile. You cannot fight me. Do you know why? Because I will end up like this:

Do you want that? I surely don't. My confidence is fragile as it is. I don't want people running away from me because they can't stop bleeding from my eyes. I want friends.

I guess the purpose of this letter is to say that...
Yes, you are fat. Or rather, WE are fat.

We're gonna change it together. I know I can be mentally strong enough to resist temptation. I've done it once, I can do it again.

Let's be strong together!

Your Owner

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