Monday, March 21, 2011

Diet Week 1

Ohoho! See I'm blogging again!

Went revising which was nice. I'm surprised I actually got anything done. Gotta admit though, my rate of learning slowed down when Saheed arrived. Heehee.

Today is the day I start my new diet and exercise regime! Everyone's been calling me fat recently. Which is a shame because I have never felt more confident in my life. When someone calls me fat it really spoils my day.

Let's start with the measurements shall we? Every Monday I'm going to note down my weight and my measurements. (Bust, waist, hips, thighs arms)

Right arm: 14.5 inches
Left arm: 14.5 inches
Right thigh: 27.5 inches
Left thigh: 27.5 inches
Bust: 40 inches
Waist: 38 inches (I just drank alot of water. Honest)
Hips: 43.5 inches

I also weigh 79.3kg at the moment. Which is an improvement! For some reason about a week ago I was above 80kg. It was upsetting.

Don't judge me! It was hard resisting to suck in my tummy. But I have to be honest with myself.

Exercise regime: get in at least a solid half hour of exercise everyday be it brisk walking or stretching. I'll also be going to gym for about an hour or so three times a week.

Diet: On weekdays, drinking two cups of water and eating a handful of food at a time. This is to increase metabolism. Also this will prevent me from overeating. Weekends, I can't do it cos I'll be with my family, but I'll only eat ONE PORTION when I eat out. Nothing more.

That's all for today! Byeee.

P.S. : Any fat comments and I'll slap you across the face -.-

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