Monday, June 06, 2011

Magic Hair!

Should I say it? I mean, it's a big thing to admit to...

I think....that I have magic hair.

It all started back in NI when Nanny's grandchild came to visit. He was a grown up and he already had three children, one of whom was a baby toddler. He kept wanting to be carried by me, in spite of all the other people surrounding him with open, loving arms. But nooo, he chose me instead. Stretching out his arms towards mee! The moment he got into my arms he grabbed onto my hair and started playing. See? Look at how my wonderful hair attracts people.

My magical hair can also work on animals. Eventually Auntie Heather got two Yorkshire terrier puppies. Everytime the jumped onto my lap, they'd go straight to my hair, chewing on it and whatnot. They were tiny! And soo adorable.

Then came my guinea pigs. I realised that with both Toffee and Sweetpea, they love running towards my hair the moment they notice my hair is untied and they'd bury their heads in it. Cuteness is unbearable. Just an hour ago, during cuddle time with Sweetpea, she kept running towards he hair on my chest and putting her head in it. She likes to sleep lying on her side. Toffee, she would sit on my tummy and run up toward the hair on my shoulders, and sometimes even go to the back of my neck. She's an adventurous one ^^

Ahhh. Having magic hair is a large responsibility indeed :P

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  1. Anonymous7:00 am

    Ouh.....magic hair :)