Friday, June 03, 2011

Taming the Guinea Pig

Remember in this post when I was trying to tame my babies? Well I think I can safely say that I've succeeded. In less than 3 months I can now get them to sleep when they're just chilling on my lap.

Sleeping place #1:
They love to sleep right next to my forearm. Today I tried having both of them on my lap then I realised that both of them need to be stroked or cuddled next to my forearm in order to settle down or sleep. I am flattered but it was slightly inconvenient cos it left me with no hands. Still! Love it when they sleep on me.

Chillin' place #1:
Occasionally when I put them on my large, soft, tummy, they will run up to my shoulder of chest and just sit there looking out at I don't know what. If I have my hair down, they'll be burrowing under my hair, or just sitting with their heads in it. I don't like to have them sitting there for too long. It'll be horrendous if they jump!

I've been struggling abit on what to write about. It's just so odd and I have no idea what to write about sometimes. I started this blog ages ago just so I could have a place to vent my frustrations and rant about stuff. It's my cyber diary. So now that I have a confidante, and now that I have someone to talk to about random things, sometimes I forget all the interesting things I come up with (don't worry you're not missing much).

Soo yea. Ha. Views on my nail blog has surpassed views on this blog. I'm quite proud of myself. Heehee.

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