Friday, March 12, 2010

How Odd...

Today is quite an odd day. Went to the Herbalife weight loss challenge. I lost 1.5kg in a week! That's good.

What's not good is that I came home to stuff myself cos I was bored and cos my mom bought da bao.

Walking home today was nice. My neighbour's dachshund followed me today. Then I made a fuss over him, doggy talking and whatnot. ("Who's the good boy?", "Yes! Yes! You're the best aren't ya?") So, I walked home and he was waiting a while away. I was waiting for someone to come to unlock the gate and was feeling lonely so I squatted down and patted my knee. Needless to say he came bounding over looking like the happiest dog in the world (awwwww).

I doggy talked some more ("Yes! That's my house! You're a good boy, you are!"). Then someone came to unlock the gate and his ears just perked right up. But I couldn't let him in! (cos he's the neighbour's dog remember?) So...I went in and he sat outside for a full 5 minutes staring at the door before leaving. :(

I feel soo bad! And whenever I went in to tell my mom and dad that he's there, my dad went mad and told me to smack him cos he was the one poo-ing on our grass. I'm not gonna smack a dog that's only ankle high!!!

But yea..that's all I wanted to say. Pointless post, but meh. It's my blog :P

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